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Merchant Trade Guarantee Corporation Company Limited (MTG) is a Non-Bank Financial Company that has been in business since 2000 handling various financial and broking services. MTG operates in a consultative capacity to bring the client within easy access of banking facilities and all the necessary paperwork and red tape that goes along with the entire process.

Proof Of Funds Documents

Home Proof Of Funds Documents

A document that demonstrates that a person has the ability and funds available to use for a business transaction. It usually comes in the form of a bank, security or custody statement. The purpose of the document is to ensure that the funds required for the transaction are obtainable and legitimate.

Proof Of Funds Documents
trade finance letter of credit

MTG can provide many products and services to assist you in your financial needs. We are a trusted Proof of Funds facilitator that has been relied on for several decades by many thriving businesses in the financial industry. Let us use our experience to help you! Our services incorporate a variety of needs, and include the following:

  • Cash Management – including Collection Services, Disbursement Services and International Payments.
  • Trade Financing – SBLC’s, LC’s and Bank Guarantees
  • Financial Guarantees – A simple application starts the process
  • SWIFT Services – Safely and securely completing your transactions

All of our products are securely cash backed and can be used for any of your proof of funds needs. Should your transactions require cash collateral, credit enhancement, balance sheet enhancement, or more, MTG can be your solution.